Here is some feedback from the WSIC team’s visit to review delivery of integrated care in the US.

5 take home messages.

  • Need to have strong medical leadership.
  • Share actionable data – which encourages a change in behaviour. They don’t tell doctors what to do, but show them what they are doing.
  • Use appropriate skill mix to deliver care. Ensure that the all staff are delivering care to the best of their abilities and ensure that there is good training. Allow clinicians to focus on their work.
  • Don’t leave todays tasks for tomorrow. Ensure that there are empty appointments so as patients can be accommodated the same day rather than having to make another trip to the clinic for another appointment eg to make bloods or carry out investigations. Plan ahead of a patients visit with a healthcare assistant, so as much as possible can be done before a doctors appointment.
  • When asking someone else to see a patient, try and see or call them briefly rather or as well as making referral letter.

You can download the Summary document below.

15-02-20 Whole Systems Study Tour Seminar Exec Summary V1.0[1]

US Study Tour

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